Wednesday, May 25, 2016

How to start with your purpose

Today I read a book by Bo Sanchez entitled How to Change Your Life in 30 Days. He teaches the 4 steps to transform our future: Purpose, Plan, Practice, and Patterns. To find our burning, powerful, explosive "why" or purpose, we need a great purpose. It has to be emotional, and it has to be enormous.


After reading the whole book in the bookstore, I decided to buy the book to help change my life. I feel bad lately because I am behind in my work. I have not made a tutorial or blog post in a while for my virtual career. I have less than a thousand pesos cash at hand. I sleep after midnight and for less than six hours per day.


As you can see, there are many things that I want to change in my life. That's why this book is timely because I can start on June 1, 2016 and continue for the whole month of June. Then, you and I will continue changing our lives for the better.


First thing is to find an emotional purpose. My burning, powerful, explosive "why" is to have a child. This is an emotional purpose for me because I am so afraid to marry and have children. I am single and do not have a boyfriend, so it would be a miracle for me to have a child. I had depression while in college so I am scared of having postpartum depression and being a bad wife and mother. I still don't know why I want to have a child. Maybe it's simply biological, but it's definitely emotional. So that fits as a great purpose.


Second, the purpose must be enormous. If I have a child, I want to build and live in a better world with my child. In fact, I should not be selfish. I should help build a better country so that all children that I meet would live in a better situation than they used to be. After the Philippines is completely peaceful, equally developed, and strongly united, we can also help other people and nations. Maybe that's why I studied law: to help our fellow Filipinos. This fits as an enormous purpose.


My purpose is to bless and build a better world for my child. So in everything I do, whether in law practice or virtual career, for my health or my finances, among other things, I must remember my purpose: bless and build a better world for my child.

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