Monday, April 04, 2016

How to receive the Divine Mercy


Card of the Divine Mercy
Today is the second Sunday of the Easter season, and it is also the Feast of the Divine Mercy. When Jesus was crucified and died on the cross, a soldier pierced his side with a lance, and out flowed his blood and water. This blood and water symbolizes the mercy of God for us, hence the Divine Mercy.
In the Philippines, some television stations show the 3 o'clock prayer for the Divine Mercy.  When we remember that it is 3 in the afternoone, we stop what we are doing and remember the passion, death and resurrectionof Christ. When we are grateful for the mercy of God, we tend to act and live in ways that are also loving and merciful to others and to ourselves.
1. Seek the Divine Mercy. We can pray the chaplet of Mercy or other prayers of the Divine Mercy. The chaplet are short prayers that are repeated just like in a rosary. When we sincerely seek God's forgiveness for our sins, God will forgive and bless us.
2. Be merciful to others. People who are forgiven tend to forgive more and love more. Does that mean that we should sin first to be loving? No, but it means treating people with justice and mercy. When a person does something out of mistake, not spite or neglect, we can choose to forgive them. Pera lang iyan.

3. Be merciful to yourself. While being merciful to others, let us also be be merciful to yourselves. Learn from your mistakes, and resolve to do better. Never give up, never surrender the faith.
The priest in the homily today had three points: new life, new courage, and new faith. Saint Peter had a new life when Jesus ascended, and he was no longer afraid of proclaiming the gospel and healing the sick in Jesus' name. For new life, the Word of God sustained Saint John even though his fellow disciples were already martyred or living abroad. For new faith, Saint Peter denied Jesus three times, but we can always send our art projects for him  space.

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