Tuesday, April 12, 2016

How to plan after we fail

We hear the saying: "Failing to plan is planning to fail." But even if we plan beforehand, we still fail. So don't just plan for success, anticipate failure and include it in your plan. Plan what works for you using your DISC profile.

If you are a decisive person (D), take charge of your plan and lead others to your goals. You are more likely to be the boss so it's easier for you to delegate and tell people to just do it.  Your motto is ready, fire, and aim.

If you are a influential type (I), you can easily inspire others to your vision and sell them your ideas. Focus on what you do best, such as talking to people, and outsource tasks that you do not enjoy. You are great at selling ideas, coaching people, and building relationships.

For steady or stabilizing people (S), you avoid conflict and do things placidly. You think long-term and focus on peace. Do more things that give you stability, like reading.  Assign other tasks to other profiles, and do not compare yourself. You probably like the Desiderata.

For cautious or conscientious types (C), you take good care of everything and read every word in any agreement just to be sure. Not everyone can think rationally like you, so make use of that skill. You tend to plan well first before you take action.

I have the S profile, so I tend to seek stability and avoid conflict. In work, I do assignments when I hear about them, but if I forget, I just do them as soon as possible. I rarely get mad so it is hard for me to change others or myself using passion. So I just do a little bit everyday until I improve.

How about you? How do you use your DISC Profile in planning your work and life?

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