Tuesday, March 29, 2016

How to start a virtual career

1. Attend a fair. I came upon virtual careers by accident. In September 2015, I went to the Manila International Book Fair at the SMX Convention Center to read peacefully, but I found a noisy and busy place. I tried to browse the bookshelves and to find a quiet place to read. Instead I came upon a stall selling Kerygma books, so I picked up a copy of Didache, a religious devotional book, for my family.

At the same stall, I saw a person signing books, so I got a copy of the book, Virtual Careers by Mr. Jomar Hilario. I gave him a copy for him to sign, and he asked me if I work and enjoy my job. I said yes to both because I am a lawyer and I enjoy my work.

2. Read a book. Mr. Jomar told me that the book was for people who want to have their own careers and would like to work at home. I did not know if that applies to me, but since I like everything that is online, I bought the book because I believed that it will be useful someday. Later, I found empty chairs on the second floor of the convention center and sat down. In the next two hours, I finished reading the book.

I liked the book because it was a self-help book or a how-to manual on how to make money online.  The book had many stories of people starting in their virtual careers and many lists on how to solve your problems in getting started online. When I went home in the evening, I signed up for Mr. Jomar's website and got updates to his webinars and courses.

3. Join a course. In December 2016, I got an email from Mr. Jomar inviting me to join the Instant Virtual Skills (IVS) course. This course will help people learn skills so that they can earn $25 or more per hour. The cost for the course was P10,750.00 but this price was only available until December 16, 2016. The course will include 7 monthly meetings and 7 monthly webinars. Part of the course is a certification exam that we can take twice, which can cost P5,000.oo by itself.

I did a cost-benefit analysis for the course. While the cost was high for me, I just got my 13th month pay, so I can afford to pay the total amount immediately. I computed that if I earn $25 or more per hour, I only need to work at least 10 hours to break even the cost of the course. So I paid the total amount in cash by bank deposit on the last day of the deadline, and I committed myself to becoming a virtual professional.

4. Attend meetings. From January to March, I attended the meetings for IVS and watched the webinars. I joined the Facebook group and did some of the assignments, but I have not yet completed all my assignments. My focus is to practice writing for a blog everyday and to write stories about myself that can help people. So my blog is still a work in progress. I only write on this blog at home after my work hours because I still work.

5. Write a blog. I put up this blog as an assignemnt in the IVS course. My niche isto help fellow Filipinos about topics that I enjoy reading. Since I like self-help,I blog about the market, wellness, Filipinos, and spirit. From now on until the end of July, I will be blogging about work, business, and law for Filipino virtual professionals on Mondays. I hope to see the Filipinos succeed and unite, and may this blog be a small help on that path of development for the good of the Philippines.

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