Saturday, March 12, 2016

How to run for a national position

1. Be born in a political family. Many of our elected officials have relatives in public office. In fact, when elected government officials reach their consecutive term limits, they let a family member or relative run in the meantime, while they run for another position.

The Constitution mandates the Congress and the President to pass an anti-dynasty law, but it has never happened. Of course, many of our leaders are part of political families, so they will not likely pass a law against their own interest. It is up to us as voters to choose candidates who are better for us. We can use the people's initiative, and ask party list representatives to help us to pass an anti-dynasty law.

2. Serve first in public office. If you want to be popular, serve in a national position, whether legislative or executive. The five presidential candidates include a vice president, two senators, a city mayor, and a department secretary. If you show up more often in television, more people can watch you.

3. Build your campaign funds. Invest money. Get business support before you even campaign.

4. Get support from voters. You must visit every last town and barangay.

5. Win your disqualification cases. Grace Poe won the disqualification case in the Spreme Court.

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