Wednesday, March 09, 2016

How to make a Paypal header


  1. Sign up or log in Canva.

  2. Create a banner with 750 x 90 pixels.

  3. Create a heading with your name.

  4. Create a subheading with your tagline.


  1. In PowerPoint, create your logo.

  2. Create circles for a yin and yang logo.

  3. Insert symbols for a star and a circle.

  4. Insert text for your name or positioning

  5. Save your logo as a picture.

  6. Create a "money back guarantee" sign.

  7. Save your sign as a picture.

Paypal Header

  1. Upload your logo and sign to Canva.

  2. Upload your picture to Canva.

  3. Insert your pictures to the banner.

  4. Save your banner as .jpg or .png.

  5. In Wordpress, upload your banner.

  6. Take note of banner URL.

Paypal screenshot

  1. Sign up or log in Paypal.

  2. Upgrade to a Paypal business account.

  3. Click Profile and My selling tools.

  4. Click Update beside Custom payment pages.

  5. Under Logo Image URL, insert banner URL.

  6. Preview Enhanced Checkout or Classic Checkout.

  7. Take a screenshot, and smile!

Paypal Header screenshot



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