Monday, March 28, 2016

How to have new life

Happy Easter! Today we celebrate the Good News of Christianity: Jesus Christ is alive. After he suffered and died for our sins, he rose from death and ascended into heaven. He will come again to judge the living and the dead.


Yesterday at Easter Vigil, our parish priest told us that the women were able to believe immediately and act fast about the his resurrection because they loved Jesus so much. Women then were second-class citizens in Jewish society, but they overcame the obstacles in their status. They brought spices so that the body of Jesus would be properly buried. Instead of preparing his body for burial, they saw an empty tomb  with angels telling them that Jesus is alive. They were the first to hear the Good News because they loved Jesus and wanted to do more for him.


Today during Easter Sunday, the priest said that there are three disciples in the Gospel today, namely, Mary of Magdala, Peter the apostle, and the disciple whom Jesus loved. Mary did not believe that Jesus has risen. Peter doubted for a time until he saw Jesus. Among the three, it was the disciple that Jesus loved that saw and believed his resurrection immediately. He saw the empty tomb, and immediately he believed. Why did the disciple whom Jesus loved immediately believe? Because he loved Jesus so much. His belief and faith came from his love of Jesus.




Do we love Jesus? Do we believe in God? Do we hope for the best? May our faith and love be like the women disciples who visited the empty tomb and like the disciple whom Jesus loved. We love beyond what is asked of us, and we believe immediately about the grace of God.

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