Monday, March 07, 2016

How to forgive

The Gospel for today is the parable of the prodigal son. We all know the story. A son leaves his family. When he comes to his senses, he returns home. His family forgives and welcomes him home. All is well.
But not everyone is able to forgive easily. For example, the older son in the parable wonders why the father is so generous to his son who asked for his inheritance and spent his wealth on prostitutes. But the father explains that his son was once dead and he is found alive.
What makes the father able to forgive so much? He loves his son more. He looks for him everyday when he fails to return home. He celebrates his return with a feast, including a fattened calf. He tells his older son to rejoice with him on his brother's return.

The father loves his child so much that he sacrifices so much. He gives his son his share of the inheritance so that his son can be happy. I do not have a child, but I would imagine that a parent would do anything so that his child would be happy. They would move heaven and hell to have their child return home or be back from the dead.

How can I forgive? We can think of the person that we will forgive as your own child. We will do anything to make our child happy and have a better life. Why can we not do the same on a smaller scale for other people? We can forgive people if we love them more than they hurt us.

If we cannot forgive, ask yourself why? Forgiveness is not something we just do for other people. We forgive because we seek peace and healing from the sins of others. We will worry less and hold less grudges if we forgive people for thir wrongs. Just like the father who forgave his son, we can also learn to forgive. 

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