Friday, February 26, 2016

How to decide who to vote for

Know yourself. Ask yourself about what you hope and expect from a leader. Do you want a leader who is more conservative or someone who is more liberal? If you are part of a organization or sector, you may want to consider the leaders that are aligned with your group. For example, if you are a business owner or laborer, you can look at candidates that represent your organization and beliefs.
Vote for incumbent officials if they did well. If your current leaders performed well during their tenure, consider voting for them again if they are up for re-election. Why? It’s simple to vote for someone you already trust and who  made the  community  better. of course, if they did not improve the lives of their fellow citizens, do not vote for them or their family members into office.

Be informed about candidates and parties. Read the news and search information about political parties and candidates. You can also ask people who personally know local candidates about their first hand information. Watch television debates, listen to radio commentary, and read social media about candidates and parties during the election season.

Write your list of candidates. After you have informed yourself about your elective candidates and political parties, you can now decide intelligently and wisely about who to vote for. Write your list of candidates before election day so that you will not feel rushed while voting. It is easier to shade the proper candidate on the ballot when you have your list with you. Happy voting on election day!

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