Sunday, January 10, 2016

How to learn Instant Virtual Skills

Yesterday, I attended the Instant Virtual Skills 2016 by Jomar Hilario. This is a 6 month course for people who want to earn from the internet who already read his Virtual Careers book or attended his previous seminars.

Here is Jomar Hilario's book, Virtual Careers.

At the start of the seminar, he told us to have a vision of our success. He showed us his dream books. This is a book or folder where we place pictures of our dreams.

He told us to imagine what we want to be one year from now. He made us write a journal article for  January 9, 2017 in the past tense.

So here's what I wrote for Instant Virtual Skills 2016: "I earned two million pesos from being a virtual professional. I was invited to talk at the bonus meeting of Instant Virtual Skills 2017."

This sounds crazy, right? But Jomar said that our dreams should be bigger and crazier than we think. If the dream sounds too great for us, that's a good dream to write down.

Next in the Instant Virtual Skills seminar, Jomar taught us about blog monetization. Jomar said that this is a good skill to offer to clients and potential clients. Maybe I should monetize my blog as well.

First, we have to understand our clients and the market. Read about them in their websites, Reddit, Quora, and Facebook. We should care about our clients more than anyone else.

Next, he gave us an assignment using the first 3 steps of blog monetization.

1. Create a cover and the content.
2. Create a hosted Wordpress blog.
3. Create a giveaway landing page.

Jomar said that we can do this for free for a friend who is a business owner who wants to have an online presence. Why free? Because if it's not free, you won't be friends with that business owner any more.

Otherwise, we do this assignment on Pia Alonzo Wurtzbach, the 2016 Miss Universe. So I am doing this assignment on Pia Wurtzbach. I might use my Wordpress blog for this assignment.

Last for Instant Virtual Skills, we learned about Facebook retargetting. This means Facebook shows you ads about websites that you recently visited. That's scary, right? But this is what online marketers do now. Jomar said it's follow-up advertising.

Here's the Facebook page of Pia Wurtzbach. Look at the right side below the word Sponsored. That's a Facebook retargetted ad from Jomar Hilario.

We finished the seminar by praying and having our picture taken. We will have a workshop webinar on January 19, 2016 to apply these skills we learned. I wish all much success for this course.

I stayed behind to ask for an official receipt so I overheard the meeting for the affiliate marketing group. Their work sounds exciting and high-earning. When I succeed at being a virtual professional, I will next join affiliate marketing.

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