Monday, January 04, 2016

Dream about elections

I dreamed that a friend told me that she was bitten by a vampire. So when I woke up in the middle of the night, I checked if there were vampires in my bedroom. Haha. There were none so I went back to sleep.

My dream is like Philippine politics. Every issue seems like a monster problem. Every politician acts like a bloodsucking vampire. The only solution is to wake up to our problems and don't go back to sleep. Here are three political nightmares in the Philippine elections:

1. Elections are costly. People spend a lot during elections even though the law limits campaign contributions are elected officials would earn little during their tenure. Candidates sing and dance during town visits and spend millions for television commercials.

2. Politics is family. While the Constitution prohibits family dynasties, many if not most elected officials have family members and relatives in government. Maybe voting for a member of a family dynasty is simpler and easier. Family dynasties tend to be rich and popular so they win most of the time.

3. Voters are corrupt. Candidates still buy votes, while voters still sell them. Even with computer automation, vote buying still happens especially in rural areas. People need to eat, and those bribes can help a family survive.

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