Monday, July 27, 2015

Organize clothes

Yesterday, I organized my clothes. I started at 9:45, took a lunch break at 12:15, continued at 1:00, and ended at 2:45. Surprise! I had to tutor yesterday so I stopped my organizing. 

Today, I sent emails to inquire about values of shares of stock. One bank already replied to me. If I ask a certification from the Philippine Stock Exchange, that would take five days and fifty pesos for two companies.

I hope that I can do the tasks that I planned for these two months. Good day!

Sunday, July 26, 2015

Plan monthly

July 26: I will declutter and organize my clothes.

July 27: I will ask about my father's shares of stock.
July 28: I will list all properties of my father's estate.
July 29: I will compute for my father's estate tax.
July 30: I will draft deed of extrajudicial settlement.

July 31: I will subscribe to the Truly Rich Club Gold.
August 1: I will attend seminar and invest in stock market.
August 2: I will declutter, donate, and organize my books.

August 3: I will inquire at RDO Taguig and pay estate tax.
August 4: I will have deed of extrajudicial settlement notarized.
August 5: We will have the extrajudicial settlement published.
August 6: We will pay real estate taxes for Taguig property.
August 7: I may attend hearing in trial court in Laguna.

August 8: I will declutter papers and organize my files.
August 9: We will attend the baptism of our nephew.

August 10: We will pay real estate taxes for Muntinlupa property.
August 11: We will close my father's savings and loan account.

August 12: I will declutter and organize miscellany in bathroom.
August 13: I will declutter and organize miscellany in drawer.
August 14: I will declutter and organize miscellany in closet.

August 15: I will attend the Benildean alumni gathering.
August 16: I will visit Baguio and buy at Good Shepherd.
August 17: I will attend a hearing and buy vegetables.

August 18: I will declutter and organize father's miscellany.
August 19: I will declutter and organize mother's miscellany.
August 20:  I will declutter and organize household supplies.
August 21:  I will declutter and organize household equipment.

August 22: I will declutter books in small house.
August 23: I will declutter papers in small house

August 24: We will register transfer of Taguig property.
August 25: We will register transfer of Muntinlupa property.
August 26: We will register transfer of listed shares of stock.
August 27: We will register transfer of unlisted shares of stock.
August 28: We will register transfer of one motor vehicle.

August 29: I will declutter miscellany in small house.
August 30: I will declutter and organize mementos.
August 31: I will reflect about the past month.

Monday, July 06, 2015

List things to do


1. Write to ME, CE, and DS, and inquire how to transfer shares of stock.

2. Write to American Express, cancel Daddy's credit card, and inquire about his travel insurance.

3. Talk to Mommy about Daddy's shares of stock in public corporations.


1. Write to public corporations and inquire how to transfer shares of stock.

2. List assets of Daddy's estate, find zonal and fair market values, and fill out his estate tax return.

3. Prepare extrajudicial settlement for Daddy's estate.


1. Prepare deed of sale of a parcel of agricultural land in Tarlac.

2. Follow up estate and corporations of Daddy.

Saturday, July 04, 2015

Break up

Yesterday I forgot to blog. I wrote ten collection letters and a secretary's certificate. Our boss just came in the office for only an hour.

Today I got my biometrics for the elections. We bought a mobile phone and watched The Breakup Playlist. It was good but I cannot relate. I started encoding my contacts but haven't finished.

I started looking at websites about asexuality again. Maybe I should be looking for an asexual husband.

Thursday, July 02, 2015

Work and walk

I ate sausage and leaves for breakfast, pork and leaves for lunch, and sardines and leaves for dinner. I was told not to stutter because women are more fluent. I just did collection today. We drank milk tea today. I walked to Lawton, rode on a jeep, and rode with mother from the gym. I helped my niece with math.

Wednesday, July 01, 2015

Half gone, half start

1. When you have a case in the NBI database, it is there forever even if the case was dismissed. Bring a copy of the dismissal when you apply.

2. When the local civil registrar endorses a birth certificate, make sure the endorsed copy is clear and has the back page.

3. I just have to write a little each day. My goal is to discuss the bar subjects for four days a week and then health, family, and faith during the weekend.