Sunday, June 14, 2015

Live free

June 1, Monday - This is my first day at work. Everyone is kind and helpful. I reviewed collection cases and wrote a memo about an estate. I walked to Market to find new shirts but didn't buy any. 

June 2, Tuesday - I reviewed a civil case. 

June 3, Wednesday - I reviewed the same civil case and the same collection cases.

June 4, Thursday - We prepared for cross exam in the civil case. I got my postcard from UP.

June 5, Friday - We went to Laguna for trial and returned to the office for lunch.

June 6, Saturday - I went to UP to pay for my sablay and tassel, met high school friends at UP Town Center, and got corporate documents at McDonalds.

June 7, Sunday - I heard mass. 

June 8, Monday - I reviewed a labor case. 

Jume 9, Tuesday - I reviewed a corporate case.  

June 10, Wednesday - I reviewed the collection cases and the corporate case. 

June 11, Thursday - I drafted a simple pleading and got the few files for a labor case on Monday. I went to Makati to meet my aunt. We went to Paoay, Ilocos Norte.

June 12, Friday - This is the independence day of the Philippines, the 40 days of the death of my father, and the death anniversary of my grandaunt. We prayed for the souls of our faithful departed. We went to Batac and Laoag in the morning and Fort Ilocandia in the afternoon. It rained in the afternoon. Walang himala!

June 13, Saturday - This is Kuya's birthday. We packed our things, visited the house next door, and ate at Max's Restaurant. We dropped off our aunt and returned home safe and sound.

June 14, Sunday - This is our rest day. We will hear mass in the evening. Happy Sunday!

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