Friday, May 29, 2015

Walk in the light

May 24, Sunday - Hear mass. Meet friend and blockmate at Market Market. Buy paper and powder. Browse white shirts. Walk to SM Aura. Uncle and aunt visit. Eat popcorn. Give car key.

May 25, Monday - Mother goes to Batangas. Drive car home from PAFCPIC. Submit notice of death to BIR. Inquire at AFPSLAI. Walk to MBAI. Apply at MBAI. Brother drives to office. Drive car home.

May 26, Tuesday - Go to office. Read merger documents. Eat lunch at office. Assist in the closing. Ride on Gate 3 jeep and walk home.

May 27, Wednesday - Thank classmates for their support. Walk to Bayani Road. Inquire at PAFCPIC. Walk home.

May 28, Thursday - Order pancit. Have affidavit notarized. Apply at PAFCPIC. Walk to chapel. Hear mass. Buy chicken. Eat for birthday.

May 29, Friday - Apply at AFPSLAI. Eat at Sbarro. Ask at LBC. Get PTR at Taguig City Hall. Walk to Levi Mariano Avenue. Commute to chapel. Watch Santacruzan. Hear mass.

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