Sunday, May 31, 2015

Rest and work

Today I am resting because tomorrow I will start my employment with a law firm. I am grateful that I got two job offers after applying to only six law firms. I am also glad that the law firm is near my home so it's just one jeep ride away from home. I am happy that they offered the job to me and I will learn here.

The law firm has two partners, two associates and six paralegals. I already went to the office last Tuesday for a closing of a merger and acquisition. Everyone is good to me here. I am grateful that they treat me well and like family. I hope to be a great lawyer and do good work here.

There are so many things that I let go after I passed the bar exam. I exercised and blogged less often. Then my father died this month. I stayed up late during the wake and now I have bad acne. I want to be a better person. Let's do this.

Here are my goals for this month:

1. Learn and practice law.

In the first firm where I interviewed, the partners said that lawyers there attend one to two hearings and write one to two pleadings per day. That should be my standard. I should prepare to attend a hearing and write one to two pleadings everyday. I should be reading the laws, rules and jurisprudence often.

a. Review the laws.
b. Read new cases.
c. Attend hearings.
d. Write pleadings.
e. Blog on the law.

2. Stay healthy.

I asked the Army Judge Advocate on how to join the Judge Army General Service but I did not continue when I accepted employment with a law firm. I should still strive to be as physically fit as a soldier. I want to improve my health and fitness so that I could be prepared for war if need be.

a. Drink 6 glasses of water everyday.
b. Eat rice, vegetables and fruits every meal.
c. Exercise: walk half kilometer and strength train.
d. Have good posture. Sit straight. Do not read in bed.
e. Brush my teeth after every meal. Floss my teeth at night.
f. Be kind to my skin. Apply only one medicine at day or night.

3. Be happy.

After my father passed away, I remembered that life is short and can be taken anytime. I should continue doing the things that make me happy. I should also try to live and let live. I should allow others to be happy as well.

a. Learn a new song or hymn every week.
b. Draw or color in my sketchpad every week.
c. Attend a lecture or a cultural event every week.

Yesterday we went to Market Market. I was able to buy two white cotton shirts of my own choosing. Then we bought food at Mcdonalds. 

Today we just stayed at home. My cousin put oil and calamansi juice and massaged my hair.

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