Saturday, May 23, 2015

Apply and settle

 May 12, Tuesday - Pray during ninth day of father's death. Host lunch. 

May 13, Wednesday - Inquire at AMWSLAI and PAFCPIC. 

May 14, Thursday - Send CV and cover letter to Batuhan. 

May 15, Friday - Apply to Del Rosario, Bengzon and Manalo. Interview with RMB.

May 16, Saturday - Coordinate with children.

May 17, Sunday - Get father's personal belongings from Marikina. Drop off Lolo.

May 18, Monday - Interview with AMU. Request certificate of legal beneficiaries. Inquire at Loyola Marikina.

May 19, Tuesday - Go to Mosveldtt. Interview with AUD. Get IBP ID. Get certificate of legal beneficiaries. Get NSO birth certificates.

May 20, Wednesday - Go to Del Rosario. Interview with CCM. Go to Bengzon. Sign employment letter.

May 21, Thursday - Get father's death certificate from Calauan, Laguna. Inquire at Army Judge Advocate.

May 22, Friday - Go to Army Adjutant. Send letter request to Gieco.

May 23, Saturday - Supervise gutter repair.

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