Wednesday, April 01, 2015

Write just one sentence

I read that we can just write one sentence per day. Here's my one sentence for today: I applied for work, met my friend, and heard mass.

Here are lessons that I learned: 1. Include your experience in business. 2. Exercise even just one set everyday. 3. Think before you speak. Speak slowly. Think of how you will explain something before you explain it. 4. Review what you write. You might still find mistakes. 5. Plan for tomorrow today.

Write just one paragraph about a bar subject from Monday to Saturday. Here's my paragraphs:

Taxes are the lifeblood of government. However, taxes should be proportionate and reasonable. In the Philippines, we have some of the highest income taxes and corporate taxes.

In economics, we studied demand and supply. Higher prices tend to decrease demand, while lower prices allow more people to buy the good or service. Incentives like lowering prices can increase demand, while costs like higher prices reduce demand.

If we impose taxes, we increase the price so that government can have some revenue. However, taxes create some loss of efficiency, known as the deadweight loss. The bigger the tax, the bigger the deadweight loss. In the Philippines, higher taxes can create bigger deadweight losses. I just don't know the deadweight losses of the various taxes in the Philippines. That's a job for economists to research.

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