Tuesday, April 07, 2015

Reflect on what you want to do

Yesterday I had an interview with a law firm. First, I had to write about their vision and mission and my five-year plan. Then I listened as they interviewed a classmate of mine. They were happy.

Then it was my turn. Four partners were in the panel, two men and two women. All of them are litigators. They asked me about what I wrote. Then, they talked about my grades of 4.0 and 5.0 and my participation with alternative law organizations.

I appreciate their honesty in talking about lawyering for the other side of the fence and describing their typical day in a law office. They told me that in litigation, they have to write one to two pleadings per day. They handle the corporate work for the rich and defend clients that are famous.

When I asked them for advice, they all said that I should reflect and think about what I want to do. They  also said that practice in a law firm is different from government service. They even added that the Office of the Solicitor General gives good training.

I was just grateful for the interview. The partners and associates were happy and some were laughing. A partner even congratulated me on passing the bar exam. I talked to my classmate after the interview. I saw her office and told her about my interview. 

While the work is great, the people are friendly, and the pay is competitive, I don't think I want to work there. While I can do the work and handle the personalities, I'm bothered about defending clients whom I don't believe. It's hard for me to fake something if it's not for the greater good. It's not a good lie. I really appreciate their honesty and insight even if I cannot join their law office.

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