Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Pass the bar

I finally passed the bar exam. I will be a lawyer after I take my oath and sign the roll. I should write about my experience one of these days.

18 Wed - Organize things.

19 Thu - It's grandmother's birthday so send her money.

20 Fri - Organize things.

21 Sat - Organize things.

22 Sun - Hear mass.

23 Mon - Attend career fair with law firms.

24 Tue - Father brings home food from grandmother.

25 Wed - Attend career fair with government.

26 Thu - Bar exam results are released. I pass the bar exam and attend the testimonial dinner.

27 Fri - Bring food to center. Attend career fair with alternative lawyering. 

28 Sat - Hear mass.

29 Sun - Drive along expressway. Barangay has a fiesta.

30 Mon - Drive along expressway. Check hand brake before driving. Celebrate aunt's birthday.

31 Tue - Send resume and cover letter to classmate. Confess. Hear mass.

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