Sunday, March 01, 2015

Review February

These are my January habits:

1. Wake up early. Do better and wake up at 6 am or earlier.
2. Exercise. Do more cardio and do strength more often.
3. Use social media. Update and use Linkedin more.
4. Organize things. Organize paper and start with little house.

These are my February habits:

1. Read Bible. Did well except for today so read double tomorrow.
2. Read and write about law. Doing well for writing, but read more laws and cases.
3. Draw. Did little drawing so join art contests.
4. Play. Can now play Hosea and Bahay Kubo. Try UP Naming Mahal and Lupang Hinirang.
5. Teach. Applied at schools and review centers, took exams, and interviewed them.

These are my Lenten habits:

1. Pray: read the Bible.
2. Fast: do not masturbate.
3. Give alms: be more generous.

Maybe I should set my March habits:

1. Apply for work. Reflect on your self. Update profiles. Send my resumes. Practice interviews.
2. Thank people. Buy note cards. Write thank you notes. Send or give these notes to people.
3. Have good posture. Stand up straight. SIt up straight. Exercise. Stretch. Be mindful.
4. Be open to love. Smile. Say hi. Wave. Be happy. Try not to say, "I won't get married." Just say, "It's up to God."

These are my past few days:

24 Tuesday: Mother goes out to lunch with classmates. Organize computer shelves and books.

25 Wednesday: EDSA Anniversary. Deliver Honda Civic to mechanic. Eat at Jollibee. Organize boxes behind hallway shelves.

26 Thursday: Organize boxes under the bed. Hear mass at noon. Eat with my mother's friends on 20th Avenue.

27 Friday: Write card and prepare gift. Eat lunch with father because it's his birthday. Pray stations of the cross. Hear mass.

28 Saturday: Take exam at Integrated Montessori Center. Walk to Mercury Drug. Catch ride home with neighbor. Go to Taguig Gym. Get lost in Taguig.

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