Wednesday, March 04, 2015

Psychological incapacity is a joke

While marrying and having a family are both civil rights borne by individual citizens, these rights are still vested with public interest so the state must protect and enforce these rights and prevent and redress wrongs. Hence, the prosecuting attorney, fiscal, or representative of the Office of the Solicitor General is duty bound to investigate a civil action for legal separation or annulment or petition for declaration of nullity of marriage to ensure that there was no collusion or suppression of evidence.

Nevertheless, Article 36 of the Family Code is still a joke because it allows a person to claim that the marriage is null and void because of the psychological incapacity of a spouse to fulfill the essential marital and family obligations. What's even funnier is that the spouse petitioning can claim himself or herself as the person with psychological incapacity. It's like a "get out of jail" card in Monopoly. The person who is incapable of being married is allowed to get away and even marry another. That's the ultimate Joker.

I have so much hatred against Article 36 because my lying father used that provision to get out of his marriage. Do you know his psychological incapacity? He allegedly had narcissistic and histrionic personality disorders. Narcissistic simply means you extremely love yourself. Histrionic means you're being theatrical. In other words, my father was a selfish actor. 

My mother did not want to put my father to shame, so she did not file an answer against him or file an administrative complaint. She said that she prayed over it. I even consulted a lawyer about this. That's why I studided law: to prevent and stop injustice to my family and to other people.

He should have added that he also had psychopathic and sociopathic personality disorders for good measure. A psychopath is mentally ill, does not care about other people, and is usually dangerous or violent. A sociopath behaves dangerously or violently towards other people and does not feel guilty about such behavior. These descriptions fit him perfectly, especially since he used to be a soldier.

Truth be told, my father should have been imprisoned, separated from his marriage, or removed from his position because he had several affairs. The woman he eventually married after he left us was a former insurance commissioner. Another woman that he had an affair was an executive in a real estate company and in a hotel. We also suspect that he has a son, but after I have written to so many advice columnists, they told me that it is not my right to demand the truth. It is up to my father and my aunt, who is the mother of the child, who is also my cousin.

Maybe that's why he left. He can't face the truth and accept reality. He does not want to admit the truth that my cousin looks more like him everyday. My cousin's son has bangs and looks more like me everyday. Both my father and my aunt has never revealed the paternity of our cousin. I'm sure they're just waiting for the right time, which is probably never for them. I think they both have a psychological incapacity to handle the truth.

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