Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Live day by day

March 9, Monday -I don't know what I did this day. I probably exercised, heard mass, and read self help. Our Wi-Fi started acting up this week so there are no regular blog posts. I have to connect to the internet using Ethernet on my laptop.

March 10, Tuesday - Learn from Ahead that I was accepted but they wanted me to go there within the day. I said that I had plans but I can go tomorrow. Go to SM Aura with mother for Smart and grocery. My classmate calls while we are in the grocery. Learn in Facebook that a professor has been disbarred so I sent a message to my classmate who used to work for him.

March 11, Wednesday - Go to Ahead and learn about employment contract. Ask questions about the contract. Meet with high school class mate at SM North Edsa and eat lunch at Bodhi. We talk a lot and take pictures of Cinderella. Take train, bus, and jeep home. Uncle and cousin visit us and bring rice, vegetables, and seafood.

March 12, Thursday - Think about what to say to Ahead. Play with child. Listen to recollection of Father Allan Samonte. Never worry over anything. Pray over everything. Play with child again.

March 13, Friday - Walk to Medical Plaza. Have medical checkup. Walk to Greenbelt. Eat shrimp maki donburi at Tokyo Tokyo. Send email to law student government representatives. Upload blog posts. Watch Cinderella. Eat frosty at Wendy's. Send acceptance email to Ahead. Take bus to Market but walk home from Serendra.

March 14, Saturday - Brother drives mother to church and me to Mind Museum. Listen and talk with our high school valedictorian and science stream batch mates. Walk to jeep, ride to Bayani Road, and walk home.

March 15, Sunday - Walk along Bayani Road and Arellano Road. Hear mass at 3 pm. Count collection. Brother drives car to his meeting point. We drive through Jollibee. We eat burger steak, Chicken Joy, and rice at home.

March 16, Monday - Drive mother to Bel Air. Drive home safe and sound. Tell driver of neighbor to park on their side. Exercise. Brother drives to office while I drive home. Read Family Code.

March 17, Tuesday - Go to Medical Plaza. Get medical results. Walk to Greenbelt. Buy political law codal. Eat pork tonkatsu at Tokyo Tokyo. Hear mass. Confess. Pray the rosary. Eat cheesy bacon mushroom burger and chocolate sundae at Jollibee. Upload blog posts. Buy mango juice. Get in taxi with mother.

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