Sunday, March 22, 2015

Write your resume

I am writing this on March 23 even though the date says March 22 because I spent yesterday writing my resume. I listed all the organizations where I worked and all the software I have learned in law school. Then I wrote the things that I have done for the organizations where I worked. 

These things already filled up one page so I did not include my undergraduate degree and work experience before law school. Maybe I should include them and just shorten everything so that I could have more experience and education in my resume. 

Resume writers suggest that we should include numbers and figures as much as possible. We should write what we have done not as responsibilities but as accomplishments. But it is hard to write an accomplishment when you did not win a case or your grades are not high. Maybe graduating from law school should be an accomplishment in itself.

I also realized that I worked for free a lot of times or I just get paid cheaply. For me, that's all right because I have enough savings. I can live on the dividends and interests from my savings if I live very frugally. But I chose the organizations where I worked because I want to help. I am an idealist. I want to be paid fairly, but my primary motivation for working is to make a difference.

I studied law because I want to help my family and help other people. I studied consular and diplomatic affairs and foreign service because I am good at social sciences even though becoming a diplomat may not be the right career for me. I want the Philippines to become a better place and Filipinos to be a better people.

But if you are a for-profit company, you should pay your workers fair wages and benefits. I used to tutor for Php 200 (US$ 4.44) per hour per student in 2011 and 2012. It's already 2015 and there are places where the wage is Php 50 (US$ 1.11) per hour or Php 700 (US$ 15.55) per day or less than US$ 2 per hour.

I accepted an offer to tutor in a review center where the wage for on-call tutors ranges from Php 150, Php 175, and Php 225 (US$3.33, US$3.88, and US$5) per hour. However, the acceptance was subject to revising their contract to remove a 15-year non-competition clause after the employment period. They never got back to me.

Anyway, I am going to the career fair at the UP College of Law later just to listen to the speakers and get information about law offices. I won't be passing my resumes yet. I will wait for the release of the bar exam results. I don't want to work when I'm not sure if I will be a lawyer. I can always work and help in other ways.

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