Sunday, March 08, 2015

Create a ritual

I just realized that it would be great to create rituals for the habits that I want to develop. I have come a long way in developing these habits, but I still have a lot to improve.

January habits

1. Wake up. I wake up from 5 am to 6 am when I have to go somewhere and around 7 to 8 am when I have nowhere to go.

2. Exercise. I lift weights almost everyday and do the 7 minute workout almost every week. 

3. Use social media. I use Facebook everyday and Twitter and Instagram every week. I seldom use Linkedin. I now use Safari.

4. Organize. I organize things almost everyday. I take pictures before and after I organize so that I can see how I have improved.

February Habits

1. Read the Bible. I read the New Testament epistles and the shorter Prophetic books religiously, but I have been putting off Jeremiah and Ezekiel. Maybe I should list down the dates that I would read each book.

March 8, Sunday - Jeremiah 14 - 33
March 9, Monday - Jeremiah 34 - 52
March 10, Tuesday - Ezekiel 1 - 16
March 11, Wednesday - Ezekiel 17 - 32
March 12, Thursday - Ezekiel 33 - 48
March 13, Friday - Ezra
March 14, Saturday - Nehemiah
March 15, Sunday - Esther
March 16, Monday - Job 1 - 14
March 17, Tuesday - Job 15 - 28
March 18, Wednesday - Job 29 - 42
March 19, Thursday - Proverbs 1 - 16
March 20, Friday - Proverbs 17 - 31
March 21, Saturday - Eccleciastes
March 22, Sunday - Song of Songs
March 23, Monday - Tobit (14), Baruch (6)
March 24, Tuesday - Judith (16)
March 25, Wednesday - Wisdom (19)
March 26, Thursday - 1 Maccabees (16)
March 27, Friday - 2 Maccabees 15
March 28, Saturday - Sirach 1 - 17
March 29, Sunday - Sirach 18 - 34
March 30, Monday - Sirach 35 - 51

2. Read and write about the law. At night before I go to sleep, I write about the law that I know. But I just read about new laws a few times. I have never read new cases since the bar exam. I should definitely schedule reading new laws and digestingcases.

March 9, Monday - 2013 laws, Administrative Code, Araullo v. Aquino
March 10, Tuesday - 2013 laws, Local Government Code, EDCA cases
March 11, Wednesday - 2013 laws, Omnibus Election Code, Estrada case
March 12, Thursday - 2012 laws, Labor Code, labor cases
March 13, Friday - 2012 laws, Family Code, family law cases (marital rape)
March 14, Saturday - 2012 laws, Civil Code, civil law cases

March 16, Monday - 2011 laws, Property Registration Decree, land registration cases
March 17, Tuesday - 2011 laws, National Internal Revenue Code, tax cases
March 18, Wednesday - 2011 laws, Corporation Code, corporation cases
March 19, Thursday - 2010 laws, Securities and Regulations Code, securities cases
March 20, Friday - 2010 laws, Revised Penal Code, Disini v. Secretary of Justice, criminal cases
March 21, Saturday - 2010 laws, Rules of Court,  remedial law cases

3. Draw. I should use a pencil, not a pen. I should definitely create a ritual for drawing because I hardly draw these days. It's just easier to take pictures.

4. Play. I really improved here. I can now play 6 songs: Happy birthday; Do re mi; Twinkle, twinkle, little star; Hosea; Bahay Kubo; and U.P. Naming Mahal. I only have to learn the play the Philippine National Anthem, which sounds harsh because there are no repeating melodies.

5. Teach. I have taken exams at Ahead and Integrated Montessori Center. I even gave a lecture demonstration at Ahead. 

Lent habits

1. Pray. Read the Bible.
2. Fast. Do not masturbate.
3. Give alms. Be more generous.

March habits

1. Work. Read What Color is Your Parachute and Quick Job Search. Do the exercises. Research law firms and government offices. Customize resumes and cover letters. Think of solutions.

2. Give thanks. Buy note cards. Write thank you notes. Send or give these notes to people. I should just aim for one note card per day.

3. Sit straight. Lean back in your chair. Take a deep breath. Raise your chest. Put your head back. Lift your chin up. Smile.

4. Be open. Smile. Wave. Say hi. Greet people a good day. Ask people, "How are you?". Answer questions. Ask questions. Laugh. 

Day Review

March 1, Sunday - Take pictures of paper files and piles. Walk to church at night. Hear mass. 

March 2, Monday - Organize bed, table, and shelf.

March 3, Tuesday - Organize shelf. Get message from Ahead about the lecture demo. Hear mass.

March 4, Wednesday - Prepare lecture demo for Ahead. Answer UP OUR survey.

March 5, Thursday - Give lecture demo at Ahead. I did not need a presentation because I only have to explain how I got my answers in the math exam. Eat steak (P100) at Slice and Dice and waffle and milk tea (P100) at Wicked Waffle. Visit Siningsaysay and Gateway Garden.

March 6, Friday - Hear First Friday mass and pray during holy hour.

March 7, Saturday - Buy mango juice and panty liners at commissary. Eat sandwich and iced tea at Quiznos. Mother watches movie. Meet and talk with friend. Eat ice cream (P100) at Gelatone, buttered chicken, rice, and bread (P195) at New Bombay, and milk tea (P120) at UCC Cafe. 

March 8, Sunday - Walk in the morning. Buy kakanin and pandesal. Rest.

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