Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Review the ordinary time

Ash Wednesday starts today. I hope to fast and abstain, give alms, read the Bible, live chastely, and follow Jesus more dearly.

Here are my resolutions for January:
1. Wake up early.
2. Exercise.
3. Use social media.
4. Organize.

Here are my resolutions for February:

1. Read the Bible. Aim for ten chapters every day. Start with the New Testament, and continue with the Prophets and Deuterocanonicals.

2. Read the law and write about it. Everyday, aim to read five new laws and a new essential case. Review an essential case and review the codes. Continue writing per bar subject. Write case digests.

3. Draw. Everyday, sketch with colored pencil for ten minutes. Paint with acrylic or watercolor for fifteen to twenty minutes.

4. Play. Try to master the national anthem, a school hymn, or a folk song every week.

5. Teach. Apply as a tutor or teacher. Endure the exams.

Here are my resolutions for Lent:

1. Be chaste. Avoid masturbation even if your colds get better. Get up from the bed when you feel the urge to masturbate. Avoid Fictionpress.

2. Be more generous. Give more at mass. Bring food to give to people on the street. Smile and say hello to people. Do not be afraid.

3. Pray more often. I already pray for what I need often. Maybe I should pray more for other people. Name the persons in my prayers.

4. Be kinder to other people. Do not judge. Simply say the facts, but do not condemn other people. Seek to understand them first.

6. Sacrifice the little things. Stop scratching. Try to contain your urge to scratch. If you can sacrifice, do the sacrifice. Stop yourself, sit up straight, smile.

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