Monday, February 09, 2015

Review and reconsider

The first week of February has passed, but I barely did my resolutions.

1. I read the Bible only twice during the week and haven't finished the book of Jeremiah. I should probably finish the New Testament first because it is more interesting. Reading the prophetic books puts me to sleep.

2. I haven't done a law article at all. I should probably aim for just one law article per day.

3. I drew only a few times this week. I looked at my previous sketches and found that I did most of them using colored pencils. I should probably use colored pencils for now.

4. I just started playing Hosea after my mother went to Coron, Palawan on Thursday. I was able to master the hymn within the day although I still make mistakes. If only it was this easy to play the national anthem, my school hymns, and some folk songs, I would play them soon.

5. a. I just emailed my resume to Ahead Global City but haven't received a reply. I saw their ad in the newspaper so I'll email them later.

5. b. I got an email from Leaders International Christian School so I'll send back their form later. While I can walk going there, I'm not expecting them to hire me. They asked me to give my testimony as a Christian and my expected salary. I wrote "Php 20,000 to Php 30,000" but I might have to lower it to Php 18,000 to Php 25,000.

As for my previous resolutions, I just try to wake up early, exercise, use social media, and organize daily as best as I can.

These are what I did this past week:

Sunday 1: Organize things. Former household helper befriends me on Facebook.
Monday 2: Exercise. Shop and eat at commissary. Hear mass.
Tuesday 3: Hear mass. Priest blesses throat. Eat at Jollibee. Drive brother. Give photocopies.   Exercise.
Wednesday 4: Pray rosary in church. Hear mass. 
Thursday 5: Mother goes to Coron. Exercise. Email and ask for paper. 
Friday 6: Exercise. Ask for paper. File papers vertically.
Saturday 7: Hear mass. Park car. Eat with cousins and niece at Jollibee.
Sunday 8: Exercise. File papers. Tidy up bedroom. Mother comes home.

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