Thursday, February 05, 2015

Make a mistake about love

I was looking at Facebook profiles when I saw that one classmate was working at a high-end Makati law firm. I looked at her pictures and saw that she always has a male companion with her. So I congratulated her on her work and love life.

Imagine my horror when she replied that she has no boyfriend. Then she asked me if I know any rumors about her. So I told her the truth: I don't know any rumors. Then I asked her if she has any news to tell me. I also avoided Facebook Messenger for a while.

Then I looked at my classmate and her male friend. He doesn't seem gay. I looked at his profile and saw more pictures of them together. So I asked my cousin if she thinks that the male friend is gay. She said he isn't.

We looked up photos of my friends who are gay and some who aren't. She guessed correctly about all of them. There really is a difference between heterosexual and homosexual men.

So our hypothesis is this: My classmate's male friend is not gay. He might be her best friend. But I think that he likes her but hasn't made a move on her yet. Maybe he is biding his time. Maybe he was Friendzoned. Falling in love is hard to do.

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