Saturday, February 28, 2015

Love yourself

My favorite myth is the story of how Hades (Pluto) took Persephone (Proserpine) to be his wife. Hades was the lord of the underworld and made the flower narcissus to lure Persephone, the Maiden of the Spring, away from her friends. She came upon the flower and was enchanted. Then Hades emerged from the ground and took her away in his chariot to the underworld. She stayed with him, while her mother Demeter, the Goddess of the Harvest, mourned her passing.

Demeter let the earth wither away and many people died. Eventually, Zeus, Persephone's father, persuaded Hades to let Persephone return to her mother. He let her go but he first gave her a pomegranate (granada) to eat. Persephone was reunited with her mother, but she must return to the underworld to her husband. This is the cycle of birth, death, and rebirth according to Greek mythology.

This will be a very graphic post from now. If you are younger than 13 or are easily offended by sex, please leave and go to another page. You have been warned.

When I was younger, I felt like Pluto. He was alone like me. But I never felt lonely. In fact, I prefer being alone. I always imagined that I was Pluto looking at Persephone, taking her away, and making her my wife. Like a man, I was on top. So I always slept on my stomach because I felt like a man on top of a woman. I would imagine kissing Persephone's body and putting my imaginary penis inside her.

Then I learned about masturbation. I learned to touch myself. I put my finger in my vagina. I massaged my clitoris. I pleasured myself until I felt hot and my body moved with waves of ecstacy. I learned to muffle my moans with blankets and pillows. I slowly felt like Persephone.

When I gave up masturbation for Lent, I had to look at another story for inspiration. I remember Jesus Christ on the cross and Mother Mary under him. Whenever I have the urge to pleasure myself, i pray the Lord's Prayer and the Hail Mary. I am reduced to tears at the great love that God has shown for me. I offer all my sacrifices to the Lord and to our Lady.

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