Monday, February 16, 2015

How to get away with murder

I used to watch "How to Get Away with Murder" in Alabama, but I don't watch it any more here in the Philippines. The professor said that the defense should do three things to get away with murder:

1. Destroy the evidence.
2. Discredit the witnesses.
3. Create a new suspect.

In the Philippines, it also includes how to get away with plunder. The same three things apply, but we add another element:

4. Shift the news.

Filipinos tend to have short memories. We forgive and forget. I understand that we should forgive, but I don't think we should forget. In the Bible, even God does not forget. Instead, he will not hold the sin against us. I think not holding the sin against another person is different from forgetting.

So to get away with any crime, we simply make people forget. If we want nobody to get away with crime or to live with impunity, the solution is equally simple: We never forget. We always remember. We tell our children, grandchildren, and descendants. We make it part of our history.

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