Saturday, January 31, 2015

Review January

Today is the last day of January 2015. I look back and see what I have done for this month.

1. I wake up early. When I was in Alabama, I used to wake up during the mass on television at 7 a.m. When I came here, I wake up on or before the siren at 8 a.m. I even joined an email course called How to Become a Morning Person. I hope to wake up even earlier (6 a.m. to 7 a.m.) so I can do more before I eventually go to work.

2. I exercise. I do the seven-minute workout on my iPad and lift free weights based on the Top Shape workout. The dumbells at my brother's home are heavier (5 and 12 pounds) than those at our home (4 and 8 pounds). The hardest part is working out my abs, so I just do what I can. I hope to continue the seven-minute workout, lift more free weights, and walk a kilometer. I still have a lot of fat in my abs, so doing a cardio workout should help.

3. I follow social media. I now use Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. I read news articles, follow links, take photos, make posts, and share them. I greet people on their birthdays and wish them good luck. I am a quiet person and always feel that I have nothing to say. But when I write, I can say things that I used to be afraid to say in person. I hope to be kinder, more caring, and more responsive in person.

4. I organize things in the house. When my mother and I got home, we came to a clean and tidy house. But behind closed doors, we have much clutter inside the cabinets. I tidied my clothes, books, and papers in the house. Then I organized my mother's things and put like things together. I found her hand bag, her grocery booklet, and her song book. I also filed our bills and discarded statements before 2014. I hope to tidy the rest of the house and the small house next door.

So far, I am happy at what I have done during January. I believe we can do a lot of things in a month.

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