Thursday, January 08, 2015

Return home

Monday was cooking, cleaning, and packing day. Tuesday and Wednesday were flying days.

My mother and I arrived home last night after more than 24 hours of travelling. We flew from Montgomery to Atlanta then to Tokyo-Narita and finally to Manila. Airports are fun. Montgomery has a rocking chair. Atlanta has an interfaith chapel. Tokyo-Narita has cool toilets with bidet, spray, and flushing sounds. We met a doctor on the plane.

Our flight was delayed in Japan so we got free snacks. We also checked in our carry-on luggage because the overhead bins are small. We landed safely and got our baggages after 10 minutes.

We were fetched by my brother and my cousin. The airport wifi failed along the road so we waited and prayed. There was heavy traffic in front of the airport. We arrived safely at home and found Christmas decorations are still there. It's good to be home.

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