Saturday, January 31, 2015

Plan for February

For February, I hope to continue these habits and do more of the following fun activities:

1. Read the Bible. We pray and read the Gospel everyday. For January, I read Acts, Romans, and Isaiah. It sounds bad but I get sleepy while reading the Bible. Maybe the Word of God relaxes me. I hope to read the whole Bible in February. That means I will read about 40 to 50 pages per day. I'll read the Bible in the morning so this will take about an hour each day.

2. Read the law and jurisprudence. I read the news and keep up with current events, but nothing can replace knowledge of the law. But to make learning fun, I'm going to take the problems of the day and write two short articles (300 to 500 words) discussing and solving them. I'll write one article in the morning and another in the afternoon and post them on my blog from Monday to Saturday. 

3. Draw from real life. I enjoy drawing girls from my imagination, but it would be great to practice drawing what I see. I know taking a photograph is simpler and more accurate. Just as writing is practice for developing clear thoughts, drawing is practice for having clear vision. I normally use ink, pastel, and colored pencil. I'm going to draw a person or object in real life on my sketchpad everyday and date it.

4. Play the piano. The only songs that I can play are Happy Birthday and Do-Re-Mi. Last year, I learned how to play Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star for my niece. I'm going to play a new song each week. I'm going to learn our national anthem (Lupang Hinirang), a school hymn (UP Naming Mahal), a folk song (Bahay Kubo), and a pop song (Let It Go). I'll play everyday, starting with the easiest song and progressing to the hardest on my piano app.

5. Teach. I have applied for tutoring jobs this week but don't know if I would be accepted. I'll teach when I'm accepted. If not, that is all right too. I'm just amazed that people are willing to pay for tutors. Just like what I wrote in my applications and said in my interviews, I just want to help students learn and succeed.

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