Monday, January 26, 2015

Meet friends

Today I met college friends at Greenbelt. We met at Starbucks, ate at World Chicken, visited Greenbelt Chapel, and talked more at Seattle's Best Coffee. We had a great time and laughed a lot.

Keep track of days.

14 Wednesday: Go to Market. Buy grocery, flower, pizza, and load.
15 Thursday: Watch Pope Francis arrive.
16 Friday: Drive mother. Watch Pope Francis at Malacanang, Cathedral, and Mall of Asia.
17 Saturday: Watch Pope Francis at Leyte.
18 Sunday: Watch Pope Francis at University and Luneta. Hear mass.
19 Monday: Watch Pope Francis leave. Read Acts of the Apostles.
20 Tuesday: Pay water, deposit at PAFCPIC, buy pancit, celebrate mass.
21 Wednesday: Exercise.
22 Thursday: Cousin goes home. Fail to exercise.
23 Friday: Sweep leaves. Exercise. Water plants.
24 Saturday: Sweep leaves. Celebrate mass. Water plants. Exercise.
25 Saturday: Sweep. Hear mass. Meet friends. Water plants. Cousin arrives. Exercise.

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