Monday, January 05, 2015

Live within your means

Today is Sunday so we heard mass at Holy Spirit Catholic Church, ate lunch in a Mexican restaurant, met friends there, and shopped at Target and Walmart.

My brother is a very savvy shopper. He looks for the best deals online, uses store cards, and shops for clearance items. He seldom eats out because it costs more and he tips 20 percent. But he shops and dines out with us because he knows that these things will make my mother happy.

This evening, my cousin called my mother and told her that they needed money. They already asked my aunt who lent them a big amount of money. My mother asked my brother to lend them money.

My brother and I both know that this will not be a loan, but a donation. My mother said that they spend more than what they earn. Anyway, my brother still wrote a check for them. We hope it will help them in their lives, even if my brother never gets back his money. It's truly better to give than to receive.

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