Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Be grateful

I'm grateful for:

1. Officers helped me in BOC.
2. Ms. Philippines is Ms. Universe.
3. BOC has unlimited free wi-fi.
4. Manila has running trains.
5. BIR has an efficient system.
6. Simbang gabi is at 8 pm.
7. We live in a good home.

Monday, December 21, 2015

Feel sad

I might have depression. I had depression and am concerned that I might pass the genetic tendencies to develop depression if I have children. So my focus is to be healthy and happy before getting married and having children. 

Monday, November 30, 2015

Dream vividly

P and I met at the overpass of Quezon Avenue and Edsa. We talked about a school assignment. Then we walked along several alleys and passed through the fence of a house. We went inside the house and the owner got mad at us. He threatened to tell the bar examiner. We apologized and got out of the house. S saw us outside and we all went home. Then I woke up.

Sunday, November 29, 2015


Today is the start of Advent. This is the season for waiting for the coming of Christ. All my life, I have been waiting for something better.

I just wait because I simply obey what people tell me. I obey my mother and my father when he was alive. I obey my professors and superiors. I ask people what they want and I comply if it is good. I usually wait and know what will happen.

But sometimes the recent events in my life still surprise me. I passed the bar. My father died. I got a job in a law firm. So many things have happened this year, and I am grateful for all, good and bad.

I am thankful that in the homily today, our priest said three important things:
1. God is in control.
2. Trust in God.
3. Persevere and do good.

So please help me Lord as I avoid masturbation, pornography and erotica. I will wait for a loving husband and good children or whatever is your will. Lord, you are in control. I trust in you. I will persevere and do good. Amen

Monday, November 16, 2015

Prepare for war

World War III will start in Manila during the APEC Summit.

My managing partner will no longer return to the Philippines.

Monday, November 09, 2015

Learn your lessons

1. Don't settle for photocopies. Find the original copies of documents.

2. Review your attached documents before you email them if they show the information you want to convey.

3. Log your hours before you leave the office.

4. Make a list of your lessons learned instead of waiting to write a narrative blog post.

Monday, November 02, 2015

Tanim bala

Nakakalungkot at nakakagalit ang mga balita ngayon tungkol sa "tanim bala" sa mga paliparan sa Pilipinas. Mayroon nang mga misyonaryo, matatanda, at kabataan na napahamak dito. Paano ba natin maiwasan maging biktima ng "laglag bala" sa mga paliparan?

1. Ikaw mismo ang mag-empake ng bagahe mo. Kunin ng mga litrato ang bagahe bago isara. Balutin ang bagahe sa plastic para maiwasan malagyan sa loob. 

2. Maging maingat sa mga paliparan. Huwag buksan ang bagahe nang mag-isa. Huwag tumanggap ng gamit na padala mula sa ibang tao.

3. Kapag may inspeksyon, magkaroon ng testigo bago pabuksan ang mga bagahe. Maaaring maghintay ng abogado bago buksan ang bag.

4. Maging kalma at alerto. Tingnan, makinig at makiramdam sa paligid. Huwag matakot sa mga tao sa paliparan. Irekord ang lahat ng sinasabi nila at kunan ng litrato ang mga pangyayari.

Sana maimbestigahan na ang "laglag bala" at mahanapan na ng lunas ang problemang ito.

Kung bumalik ang Papa sa Pilipinas, baka may makita ring bala sa mga bagahe niya.

Friday, October 30, 2015

Learn from your sadness

I got depressed while walking home. I thought about how we may not be able to pay the estate tax on time. So we might have to pay the 25% penalty.

I got sad about many things. I am already 32 years old but still do not feel ready to marry and have children. I am still scared of talking to and disagreeing with people. 

I do not like cooking because my taste is so bland so I let other people cook. I do not have life-long friends because I befriend people when we are together. When I go away, there is no point.

I do not have a solution to my problems. But I can be grateful for what I have now. I can pray for a better life and ask God to bless me. I don't have to solve all my problems now.

I just have to walk one step at a time. Do my best. Hope for the rest. Be a light. Remember that the darkness can allow us to see the light.

Saturday, October 17, 2015

Find your strengths

Today I read Strengths Finder 2.0 and took the online test. I found my top 5 strengths: Context, Connectedness, Intellection, Adaptability, and Restorative. 

Context means thinking about the past. In Filipino, we say: "Ang hindi lumingon sa pinanggalingan ay hindi makakarating sa patutunguhan." Those who do not look back to where they came from will never reach their destination.

Connectedness means having faith in the links among all things and believing that everything happens for a reason. "Ang lahat ng bagay ay magka-ugnay." Everything is connected.

Intellection means thinking about ideas and reflecting about your life. Think with your head and feel with your heart. "Mag-isip muna bago magsalita." Think before you speak.

Adaptability means going with the flow. "Hindi problema ang kaibigan sa taong marunong makisama." Being a friend is not a problem to a person who can adapt.

Restorative means solving problems. "Lahat ng problema, may paraan." Every problem has a solution.

I still use my top strengths as a lawyer. I look at the past, see the connections, think about ideas, adapt to the situation, and solve problems. But I hope to use more of my strengths in my work and my life. 

Tuesday, October 06, 2015


In the past, I always felt out of place at school because I just wanted to listen and read. I was called “out of the blue” in high school because I always say things that are not connected to the subject at hand. At one Christmas party, I even won an award called “Right to Remain Silent.”

Contrary to type, I studied law to help my family. Now I do litigation for labor, estate, and civil cases with the goal of an amicable settlement if this is favorable to clients. Maybe I can work in compliance like your editor. I still do not like conflict, but my work seems better when I remember that I am here to help.

Thursday, October 01, 2015

Cram then scram

I crammed writing my memorandum. I don't want to do this again. I should finish a pleading within a week after I receive the notice. I also have a cold and no more medicine so I have to get weel naturally. The good thing I got from my experience is that I read excerpts of The Curmudgeon's Guide to Practicing Law.

Monday, September 21, 2015

Lawyer up

Becoming a lawyer is easier than being a lawyer. When I was still studying, I just focused on the basic laws and general rules. If I failed, I only have myself to blame. Now that I am working as a lawyer, people seem to look up to me just because I passed the bar exam. With great power comes great responsibility.

Monday, August 31, 2015


1. Exercise 4 times every week. 

2. Go out with friends every weekend.

3. Pay estate tax and settle estate.

4. Unclutter and organize things.

5. Do your job. Write things down.

Saturday, August 29, 2015

Be more confident

Last Thursday, our senior associate told me to be more confident. That's why I'm meeting a friend this Saturday and researching about Toastmasters. 

Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Start small

We went to the province last Sunday for the christening of our cousin's child. I just read books in the morning and met friends in the afternoon on Saturday. I organized books on the first Sunday of August. I attended a seminar on the stock market on the first day of August. Just start small. Write a few sentences everyday.

Monday, July 27, 2015

Organize clothes

Yesterday, I organized my clothes. I started at 9:45, took a lunch break at 12:15, continued at 1:00, and ended at 2:45. Surprise! I had to tutor yesterday so I stopped my organizing. 

Today, I sent emails to inquire about values of shares of stock. One bank already replied to me. If I ask a certification from the Philippine Stock Exchange, that would take five days and fifty pesos for two companies.

I hope that I can do the tasks that I planned for these two months. Good day!

Sunday, July 26, 2015

Plan monthly

July 26: I will declutter and organize my clothes.

July 27: I will ask about my father's shares of stock.
July 28: I will list all properties of my father's estate.
July 29: I will compute for my father's estate tax.
July 30: I will draft deed of extrajudicial settlement.

July 31: I will subscribe to the Truly Rich Club Gold.
August 1: I will attend seminar and invest in stock market.
August 2: I will declutter, donate, and organize my books.

August 3: I will inquire at RDO Taguig and pay estate tax.
August 4: I will have deed of extrajudicial settlement notarized.
August 5: We will have the extrajudicial settlement published.
August 6: We will pay real estate taxes for Taguig property.
August 7: I may attend hearing in trial court in Laguna.

August 8: I will declutter papers and organize my files.
August 9: We will attend the baptism of our nephew.

August 10: We will pay real estate taxes for Muntinlupa property.
August 11: We will close my father's savings and loan account.

August 12: I will declutter and organize miscellany in bathroom.
August 13: I will declutter and organize miscellany in drawer.
August 14: I will declutter and organize miscellany in closet.

August 15: I will attend the Benildean alumni gathering.
August 16: I will visit Baguio and buy at Good Shepherd.
August 17: I will attend a hearing and buy vegetables.

August 18: I will declutter and organize father's miscellany.
August 19: I will declutter and organize mother's miscellany.
August 20:  I will declutter and organize household supplies.
August 21:  I will declutter and organize household equipment.

August 22: I will declutter books in small house.
August 23: I will declutter papers in small house

August 24: We will register transfer of Taguig property.
August 25: We will register transfer of Muntinlupa property.
August 26: We will register transfer of listed shares of stock.
August 27: We will register transfer of unlisted shares of stock.
August 28: We will register transfer of one motor vehicle.

August 29: I will declutter miscellany in small house.
August 30: I will declutter and organize mementos.
August 31: I will reflect about the past month.

Monday, July 06, 2015

List things to do


1. Write to ME, CE, and DS, and inquire how to transfer shares of stock.

2. Write to American Express, cancel Daddy's credit card, and inquire about his travel insurance.

3. Talk to Mommy about Daddy's shares of stock in public corporations.


1. Write to public corporations and inquire how to transfer shares of stock.

2. List assets of Daddy's estate, find zonal and fair market values, and fill out his estate tax return.

3. Prepare extrajudicial settlement for Daddy's estate.


1. Prepare deed of sale of a parcel of agricultural land in Tarlac.

2. Follow up estate and corporations of Daddy.

Saturday, July 04, 2015

Break up

Yesterday I forgot to blog. I wrote ten collection letters and a secretary's certificate. Our boss just came in the office for only an hour.

Today I got my biometrics for the elections. We bought a mobile phone and watched The Breakup Playlist. It was good but I cannot relate. I started encoding my contacts but haven't finished.

I started looking at websites about asexuality again. Maybe I should be looking for an asexual husband.

Thursday, July 02, 2015

Work and walk

I ate sausage and leaves for breakfast, pork and leaves for lunch, and sardines and leaves for dinner. I was told not to stutter because women are more fluent. I just did collection today. We drank milk tea today. I walked to Lawton, rode on a jeep, and rode with mother from the gym. I helped my niece with math.

Wednesday, July 01, 2015

Half gone, half start

1. When you have a case in the NBI database, it is there forever even if the case was dismissed. Bring a copy of the dismissal when you apply.

2. When the local civil registrar endorses a birth certificate, make sure the endorsed copy is clear and has the back page.

3. I just have to write a little each day. My goal is to discuss the bar subjects for four days a week and then health, family, and faith during the weekend.

Sunday, June 14, 2015

Live free

June 1, Monday - This is my first day at work. Everyone is kind and helpful. I reviewed collection cases and wrote a memo about an estate. I walked to Market to find new shirts but didn't buy any. 

June 2, Tuesday - I reviewed a civil case. 

June 3, Wednesday - I reviewed the same civil case and the same collection cases.

June 4, Thursday - We prepared for cross exam in the civil case. I got my postcard from UP.

June 5, Friday - We went to Laguna for trial and returned to the office for lunch.

June 6, Saturday - I went to UP to pay for my sablay and tassel, met high school friends at UP Town Center, and got corporate documents at McDonalds.

June 7, Sunday - I heard mass. 

June 8, Monday - I reviewed a labor case. 

Jume 9, Tuesday - I reviewed a corporate case.  

June 10, Wednesday - I reviewed the collection cases and the corporate case. 

June 11, Thursday - I drafted a simple pleading and got the few files for a labor case on Monday. I went to Makati to meet my aunt. We went to Paoay, Ilocos Norte.

June 12, Friday - This is the independence day of the Philippines, the 40 days of the death of my father, and the death anniversary of my grandaunt. We prayed for the souls of our faithful departed. We went to Batac and Laoag in the morning and Fort Ilocandia in the afternoon. It rained in the afternoon. Walang himala!

June 13, Saturday - This is Kuya's birthday. We packed our things, visited the house next door, and ate at Max's Restaurant. We dropped off our aunt and returned home safe and sound.

June 14, Sunday - This is our rest day. We will hear mass in the evening. Happy Sunday!

Sunday, May 31, 2015

Rest and work

Today I am resting because tomorrow I will start my employment with a law firm. I am grateful that I got two job offers after applying to only six law firms. I am also glad that the law firm is near my home so it's just one jeep ride away from home. I am happy that they offered the job to me and I will learn here.

The law firm has two partners, two associates and six paralegals. I already went to the office last Tuesday for a closing of a merger and acquisition. Everyone is good to me here. I am grateful that they treat me well and like family. I hope to be a great lawyer and do good work here.

There are so many things that I let go after I passed the bar exam. I exercised and blogged less often. Then my father died this month. I stayed up late during the wake and now I have bad acne. I want to be a better person. Let's do this.

Here are my goals for this month:

1. Learn and practice law.

In the first firm where I interviewed, the partners said that lawyers there attend one to two hearings and write one to two pleadings per day. That should be my standard. I should prepare to attend a hearing and write one to two pleadings everyday. I should be reading the laws, rules and jurisprudence often.

a. Review the laws.
b. Read new cases.
c. Attend hearings.
d. Write pleadings.
e. Blog on the law.

2. Stay healthy.

I asked the Army Judge Advocate on how to join the Judge Army General Service but I did not continue when I accepted employment with a law firm. I should still strive to be as physically fit as a soldier. I want to improve my health and fitness so that I could be prepared for war if need be.

a. Drink 6 glasses of water everyday.
b. Eat rice, vegetables and fruits every meal.
c. Exercise: walk half kilometer and strength train.
d. Have good posture. Sit straight. Do not read in bed.
e. Brush my teeth after every meal. Floss my teeth at night.
f. Be kind to my skin. Apply only one medicine at day or night.

3. Be happy.

After my father passed away, I remembered that life is short and can be taken anytime. I should continue doing the things that make me happy. I should also try to live and let live. I should allow others to be happy as well.

a. Learn a new song or hymn every week.
b. Draw or color in my sketchpad every week.
c. Attend a lecture or a cultural event every week.

Yesterday we went to Market Market. I was able to buy two white cotton shirts of my own choosing. Then we bought food at Mcdonalds. 

Today we just stayed at home. My cousin put oil and calamansi juice and massaged my hair.

Friday, May 29, 2015

Walk in the light

May 24, Sunday - Hear mass. Meet friend and blockmate at Market Market. Buy paper and powder. Browse white shirts. Walk to SM Aura. Uncle and aunt visit. Eat popcorn. Give car key.

May 25, Monday - Mother goes to Batangas. Drive car home from PAFCPIC. Submit notice of death to BIR. Inquire at AFPSLAI. Walk to MBAI. Apply at MBAI. Brother drives to office. Drive car home.

May 26, Tuesday - Go to office. Read merger documents. Eat lunch at office. Assist in the closing. Ride on Gate 3 jeep and walk home.

May 27, Wednesday - Thank classmates for their support. Walk to Bayani Road. Inquire at PAFCPIC. Walk home.

May 28, Thursday - Order pancit. Have affidavit notarized. Apply at PAFCPIC. Walk to chapel. Hear mass. Buy chicken. Eat for birthday.

May 29, Friday - Apply at AFPSLAI. Eat at Sbarro. Ask at LBC. Get PTR at Taguig City Hall. Walk to Levi Mariano Avenue. Commute to chapel. Watch Santacruzan. Hear mass.

Saturday, May 23, 2015

Apply and settle

 May 12, Tuesday - Pray during ninth day of father's death. Host lunch. 

May 13, Wednesday - Inquire at AMWSLAI and PAFCPIC. 

May 14, Thursday - Send CV and cover letter to Batuhan. 

May 15, Friday - Apply to Del Rosario, Bengzon and Manalo. Interview with RMB.

May 16, Saturday - Coordinate with children.

May 17, Sunday - Get father's personal belongings from Marikina. Drop off Lolo.

May 18, Monday - Interview with AMU. Request certificate of legal beneficiaries. Inquire at Loyola Marikina.

May 19, Tuesday - Go to Mosveldtt. Interview with AUD. Get IBP ID. Get certificate of legal beneficiaries. Get NSO birth certificates.

May 20, Wednesday - Go to Del Rosario. Interview with CCM. Go to Bengzon. Sign employment letter.

May 21, Thursday - Get father's death certificate from Calauan, Laguna. Inquire at Army Judge Advocate.

May 22, Friday - Go to Army Adjutant. Send letter request to Gieco.

May 23, Saturday - Supervise gutter repair.

Daddy passed away

April 27 - Prepare for signing.

April 28 - Sign the roll of attorneys.

April 29 - Ride the bus to Paoay.

April 30 - Lola Mommy is crowned queen.

May 1 - Host thanksgiving lunch.

May 2 - Rest at home.

May 3 - Daddy died today.

May 4 - Visit Daddy's wake.

May 5 - Move Daddy to Libingan.

May 6 - Binay visited wake.

May 7 - Rotarians sponsored mass.

May 8 - Speak in service.

May 9 - Bury Daddy.

May 10 - Celebrate Mother's Day.

May 11 - Manong flies to Alabama.

Eternal rest grant unto Daddy, O Lord. Let perpetual light shine upon him.
May his soul and the souls of the faithful departed rest in peace. Amen.

Sunday, April 26, 2015

Listening is my best skill

Hi! Thank you for writing this letter. I am INFP, like listening, and hate talking. I will be a lawyer on Tuesday but am also job searching like you. When I wrote to Penelope for advice, her first concern was money.

If you have student debt, my suggestion is to find work where you listen to clients who can pay you well. This can be in advertising, business development, consulting, finance, research, sales, tutoring, etc.

If you have no debt like me, you can work in more fields. Here is a web page listing the jobs that need active listening skills: http://careers.collegetoolkit.com/career-search/criteria/skills/activelistening.aspx

Elephants have big ears and can listen well. :)

Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Clear, close, celebrate

I tried to get my barangay clearance today, but I failed. I decided not go get it from Southside, Makati and I did not wait for the afternoon shift at Gate 3, Western Bicutan. My Land Bank savings account was closed even though I had more than the remaining balance. So tomorrow I will go to the Western Bicutan barangay hall for my clearance and community tax certificate.

April 13: Go to Supreme Court for my clearance. Inquire in restaurants in Makati. Talk to the Judge Army Advocate. Hear mass.

April 12: Talk to Manong. Offer mass at Divine Mercy Sunday. Eat at Italianni's.

April 11: Mother drives Ading to Colegio San Agustin. Buy at McDonald's and inquire at Max's.

April 10: Go to Market and get school ID at Makati. Get mother's birthday cake.

April 9: Prepare food. Hear mass. Eat at church basement.

April 8: I can't remember.

April 7: Celebrate my birthday and feast day of St. John Baptist de La Salle. Hear mass. Eat at Amici's.

Tuesday, April 07, 2015

Thank you

Today is my birthday. I'm just grateful for everything that has happened in the past year. I passed all my academic subjects, had an internship at the Office of the Solicitor General, submitted by supervised legal research, and graduated from law school. I reviewed within five months and took the bar exam.

I spent my holidays, namely Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Year, with my mother and brother in the United States. I was moved by the visit of Pope Francis in the Philippines. I took a rest at home, exercised my body, organized things in the house, and taught myself to play the piano.

Last month, I passed the bar exam. I learned from the career fair and reflected during Holy Week. Yesterday, I had an interview with a law firm. Today, my family and I celebrated my birthday with good food and good company. Thank you, Lord, for all the blessings you have given us.

Reflect on what you want to do

Yesterday I had an interview with a law firm. First, I had to write about their vision and mission and my five-year plan. Then I listened as they interviewed a classmate of mine. They were happy.

Then it was my turn. Four partners were in the panel, two men and two women. All of them are litigators. They asked me about what I wrote. Then, they talked about my grades of 4.0 and 5.0 and my participation with alternative law organizations.

I appreciate their honesty in talking about lawyering for the other side of the fence and describing their typical day in a law office. They told me that in litigation, they have to write one to two pleadings per day. They handle the corporate work for the rich and defend clients that are famous.

When I asked them for advice, they all said that I should reflect and think about what I want to do. They  also said that practice in a law firm is different from government service. They even added that the Office of the Solicitor General gives good training.

I was just grateful for the interview. The partners and associates were happy and some were laughing. A partner even congratulated me on passing the bar exam. I talked to my classmate after the interview. I saw her office and told her about my interview. 

While the work is great, the people are friendly, and the pay is competitive, I don't think I want to work there. While I can do the work and handle the personalities, I'm bothered about defending clients whom I don't believe. It's hard for me to fake something if it's not for the greater good. It's not a good lie. I really appreciate their honesty and insight even if I cannot join their law office.

Sunday, April 05, 2015

Friday, April 03, 2015

He died for us

Today is Good Friday. We walked the way of the cross, venerated the cross, had communion, and went on two processions: Santo Entierro and Soledad. Walking so much made me realize that Jesus sacrificed everything for us so that we can all be saved. Thank you, Lord.

When we got home, we got a message from my brother that he got in an accident. We called him and everyone who can help, but there are no tow trucks today so my brother will go back tomorrow. May God help us.

Love one another

The gospel for today is to love one another as Jesus Christ has loved us. I planned to send resumes today but did nothing for work at all. We walked to church, heard mass, walked home, watched Ekstra and Himala. God bless for tomorrow.

Wednesday, April 01, 2015

Write just one sentence

I read that we can just write one sentence per day. Here's my one sentence for today: I applied for work, met my friend, and heard mass.

Here are lessons that I learned: 1. Include your experience in business. 2. Exercise even just one set everyday. 3. Think before you speak. Speak slowly. Think of how you will explain something before you explain it. 4. Review what you write. You might still find mistakes. 5. Plan for tomorrow today.

Write just one paragraph about a bar subject from Monday to Saturday. Here's my paragraphs:

Taxes are the lifeblood of government. However, taxes should be proportionate and reasonable. In the Philippines, we have some of the highest income taxes and corporate taxes.

In economics, we studied demand and supply. Higher prices tend to decrease demand, while lower prices allow more people to buy the good or service. Incentives like lowering prices can increase demand, while costs like higher prices reduce demand.

If we impose taxes, we increase the price so that government can have some revenue. However, taxes create some loss of efficiency, known as the deadweight loss. The bigger the tax, the bigger the deadweight loss. In the Philippines, higher taxes can create bigger deadweight losses. I just don't know the deadweight losses of the various taxes in the Philippines. That's a job for economists to research.

Tuesday, March 31, 2015


I dreamed that I still had to pass papers in securities regulation, family law, and private international law for law school. My classmates told me that the deadline was tomorrow, and they wished me good luck. Then I woke up and remembered that I have already graduated.