Sunday, December 28, 2014

Talk about insomnia, submission, and writing

I usually sleep before midnight here in Alabama because I do not have work or school. But yesterday, I slept at 1:30 am. I was just on Facebook greeting people and on Fictionpress and Fanfiction reading stories. I hope to sleep earlier during the next few days.

I have been reading articles about submission because I feel that I am a submissive person. It turns out that it is fine to be a submissive wife, so this is good practice for me.

One of the tips for submissives is to keep a blog so that the dominant can know her thoughts. I'm keeping one now even though I really need a lot of improvement in my writing. If I marry, I will show my husband this blog. I hope he can help me improve my writing.

This blog is supposed to be about self-help, but I'm just happy to write a few sentences a few times each month. The important thing for me is to write. Write often. Write anything. Just write.

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