Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Say hello

I was reading the blog, The Rules Revisited, by Andrew because I am so shy and scared of men. One blog post starts that I should not start with being worried about talking men. I should begin by being sociable.

"You need to do something similar to overcome shyness. First, find out where your nerves start, that is, where your self-consciousness sets in. 
Wherever your nerves start, that is where you need to make your first step towards becoming more social."

I get nervous with strangers. I just stay silent and say hello or "excuse me" when I meet strangers. I do not talk to people unless they talk to me first.

"And the key is to make that first step a small one, one you can manage. So, for example, if you start to get self-conscious or shy about talking to strangers, make it a goal to talk to three strangers a day. If that is too daunting a task, step it back a notch and just make a point of merely saying hello to three strangers a day, or maybe just one a day."

I can say hello to one stranger when I go out of the house. I can exercise in the morning, find tutoring work during the day, and say hello to neighbors when I walk home. I can do this for one to two months.

"Once you get comfortable (and I won't pretend this will happen overnight) with interacting with strangers, move on to growing comfortable interacting with guys. Put yourself in situations where you will talk to guys you don't know, even if it is just while you are checking out at a store."

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