Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Cook for life

I help my mother in preparing and cooking food, but I seldom cook food from scratch. The only times that I cook food is when I cook for myself. I make pancakes, French toast, noodles, mac and cheese, spaghetti, and pasta.

I am not confident about cooking food for other people because my taste is bland. I do not like sour, salty, or bitter food. I seldom put sour or salty sauces in my food or use dressings in my salads. So I leave the cooking to people with better taste than me. I just eat less of the food that I do not like, or maybe eat none at all.

My mother says that I would become better at cooking when I have an opportunity or need to cook. Right now, my mother, my cousin, and my brothers are better cooks than I am because they have better taste. Maybe when I have my own family, I will cook better. Mother says that even if I cannot taste well, I can still learn by following recipes.

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