Sunday, November 02, 2014

Dream or nightmare?

I had a dream this morning. I'm going to say it in reverse because that's what I remember.

There's an easter egg where Mom had a pie, and a man was telling her not to slap this pie in Dad's face.

The end is when I was locking myself in a room after I saw my Dad outside the door saying something.

Before this, we were rushing to an apartment which Mom bought after we saw Dad outside with many people.

I was running away through school and hotel corridors. I realized that I was late for PE class then realized that I already graduated.

I saw Dad with what I thought was his new wife in a plaza full of people.

My Mom and I were in a plaza in a mountainous place (think Baguio or Sagada) with many people, and we were looking out for Dad.

I was in a bathroom and I saw blood from my pussy. I was wiping the blood while holding the door shut because there was fighting outside.

I can't remember anything more.

I just remembered what he said. He doesn't understand Halloween. I do because I get scared.

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