Sunday, November 09, 2014

Arrive and sleep

We finally arrived!

My mother and I arrived at my brother's home this Wednesday. We had a long trip from Manila to Montgomery. The trip was safe, the food was nice. But we had a long time at immigration and customes  in Atlanta that we missed our flight to Montgomery. Good thing there was a later flight and our brother was waiting for us in the airport.

On Thursday, we just cleaned house. In the evening, my brother and I watched The Big Bang Theory and How to Get Away with Murder.

On Friday, a maintenance person fixed our bathroom tub and kitchen sink. Then a friend picked us up, and we cisited the hospital and the air force base. We visited the exchange, shopped at the commissary, and ate at the cafeteria.

Today Is Saturday. We were supposed to go downtown, but we felt cold and sleepy so we just stayed in the house.

Tomorrow is Sunday and we will hear mass in the morning.

Just had another dream while I was napping. This will be told in reverse order because that's what I remember.

I had a husband. He was in bed. I was standing near the bed. The doorbell rang. Then in real life, my mother was calling me to wake up.

I was having breakfast with  friends from law school. We just ordered a combo meal for all of us. There were pancakes and blue sundae. We were eating when the doorbell rang.

I was attending a party with an Under the Sea theme. I did not have a gift for the child who is celebrating her birthday so I went upstairs in a building to find a gift.

I was in a house at the second floor when suddenly my brother runs to me like a knight jousting. So I avoided him. I went downstairs and told people about it. But he still runs to me like a knight so I had to leave the house.

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