Sunday, September 07, 2014

Please pray for her

I am saddened to write this post, but it must be done before I forget it. Or before she says something else.

I woke up this Sunday to loud noises. I heard a guy's girlfriend. I went to his room and saw my him, his girlfriend, and my cousin. The guy was on the bed. The girlfriend was on the floor. My cousin was standing near the door. There was a frying pan in the room. 

The guy and the girlfriend were fighting. She was saying that he was always the good guy and that the  family will not believe her. My cousin was telling her to calm down and to talk peacefully with the guy. She refused and said that she wanted to go out. 

She went out of the house but within the gate. We followed her while she was still talking. My cousin was calming her down. She was angry and she said that the guy hit her, but I cannot believe her.

I went to the guy and asked what happened. My mother also came in his bedroom. The guy said that she was always so negative. She always criticized him. He got mad at her so he told her to stop.   

So I stayed with the guy for a while in the bedroom. Then she came and got her sandals. Suddenly,  she quickly slapped the guy and punched him in the face. I was in shock. I stood up to confront her, but the guy stopped me and said, " Huwag na." (Don't.) So I stopped myself from confronting her.

I followed her down. When she was outside the gate, she said, "Isang araw, papatayin ko siya." (One day, I will kill him.) I went up to the guy in his bedroom. He said that he heard her threat outside. He also said that when he saw her with the frying pan, he hugged her so that she would stop.

My cousin told me that she saw her inside the house so she asked her how she got inside. She said that she went over the fence. So maybe that's why she was limping. She said that the door was not locked.

My cousin also told me that she saw her go to the kitchen and get the heavy stainless steel frying pan. My cousin only went up the guy's bedroom when she heard the metallic sounds from the pan.

I'm really sad and angry about what happened. Should we have immediately reported her to the police? Should we have stopped her from leaving until they have resolved their problem?

For now, we are praying for her. But I never want to see her again. Not when she has hurt the guy and threatened us. She needs help, psychological and financial. Please pray for her.

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