Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Maybe everyone is crazy?

Today my father visited us. He told me to review with another person taking the bar exam.

I said that there is no one who lives near me or even within the next city. Besides, I will be going to school for lectures for five days this month.

He asked me if I heard mass yesterday (September 8), the birthday of the Virgin Mary. I said no but my mother did hear mass yesterday.

He said that he went to church yesterday. It seems that he was more religious than me.

So I asked him if he takes communion. He said he does.

I asked him if he has confession. He said yes.

I asked him if he had his marriage to my mother annulled by the church. He said he hasn't.

So I told him that he's committing adultery but still taking communion.

Here's the crazy part. He said that he has a Church of [his name].

It was so crazy that I had to ask who are the members. He said it was only him. He laughed.

I laughed at his craziness. I don't know how he could make these lies so easily. Maybe he really believes his lies.

He left and went to visit my brother at work. So I texted my brother that our father is going there.

So I told my cousin and my mother and we couldn't stop laughing.

By the way, he hasn't shown me the airplane tickets to Australia to prove that he was telling the truth.

In other news, my brother asked me about the contact information for depression that I sent to him and his girlfriend.

He said that the girlfriend was sensitive and get mad. She has Irish blood. I said it's ok if she gets mad or hates me because I just want to help her by giving information.

He said that they're ok already and I shouldn't have sent the info anyway. I said that depression can manifest through anger, a favorite feeling of the girlfriend.

I also said that if he's walking on eggshells around her, then things are not yet ok. So I simply said that it's still up to them to call the hotline or use the information to help their depression.

He said thank you for the concern. 

Maybe everyone is crazy?

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