Tuesday, September 09, 2014

Avoid violence and trash

Just to add to Sunday's post, the girlfriend called the guy "fucking trash."

This is shocking to me. I have never said "fuck" to another person. You don't say "fucking trash" to a person who loves you and does his best to help you. It just goes to show that the mouth simply speaks what the heart is full of. Maybe what she said is simply a reflection of herself.

But the guy just got back with the girlfriend. He spent the past two nights with her, allegedly without alcohol. On the first night after the abuse, the girlfriend was even angry at him. I can't believe this craziness because she was the aggressor and the person at fault, but she had the gall to get mad at him.

On the second night, he said they were already on good terms. Of course, he was the one who did all the soothing and bending back for her. He even brought food to her. Maybe she was satisfied with the food. Maybe just wants him as a meal ticket.

The good news is that the guy said that he would never bring the girlfriend back to our home. At least, he would honor our request not to bring her back. I would not be able to see her hurt the guy again. We might still hang the frying pan on the front door to remind us of the abuse that happened in our home.

I just don't understand why the guy has returned to the girlfriend after all the abuse. He said that two girls already left him and he doesn't want to lose another girl. He might even marry him. Even after the abuse, he still believes that she can change.

While I believe that people can and do change, I also believe that actions speak louder than words. In this case, it was the guy who was doing all the work for the relationship. I have never heard the girlfriend apologize to the guy or to any of us.  The girlfriend still has so much contempt against the guy and against us. I really hope and pray she can be enlightened.

The guy also said that the girlfriend is the only one who understands him. But if she truly understood him, why does she need to slap and hit him? Is saying "fucking trash" the password to unlock his full potential? I don't think so. In fact, physical abuse is a signal that something is definitely wrong.

In other news, my bar permit is ready and I can pick it up on Friday. God bless!

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