Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Start bar review

Last week, I finally submitted my Supervised Legal Research paper two months after its deadline. I also started reviewing Constitutional Law and attending Mercantile Law lectures.

Yesterday, I signed my Daily Time Record and submitted it to the Office of the Solicitor General and submitted my accomplishment report to my friend and co-intern whose sister will submit it to the Office of Legal Aid.

Now, I can finally start full-time bar review.

Here's my schedule for bar review:
Political Law - 2nd and 3rd weeks of June
Labor Law - 4th week of June
Civil Law - 1st and 2nd weeks of July
Law on Taxation - 3rd week of July
Mercantile Law - 4th and 5th weeks of July
Remedial Law - 1st and 2nd weeks of August
Criminal Law - 3rd week of August
Legal Ethics and Forms - 4th week of August

There would be mock bar exams at the end of each subject. I switched Remedial L aw and Criminal Law because there would be mock bar exams on the 1st and 2nd weeks of August. In September and October, I would alternate mock bar exams and bar review for each subject.

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