Friday, January 24, 2014

Reflect and learn

Hi! I haven't posted in a while because I am always studying. But that shouldn't be an excuse, right? About my habits, I realized that I wake up earlier at home than at the boarding house simply because I have to beat the morning traffic from our home. I also realized that I haven't reviewed independently for the bar exam so I have to use my review classes as my first reading and to read the bar reviewers during this semester.

About home, our brother left for America on the 6th, while our aunt and cousin left for Canada on the 7th. Our younger cousin stayed with us for a little while and left with his father on the 18th. My brother is bringing home his girlfriend, and we don't know how to stop him without getting into a fight. So we don'tbring it up. It seems that we are condoning him.

About school, I drafted a Reply-Affidavit in Filipino for my relative. I also gave a report on Intellectual Property Law last Tuesday for Private International Law. We will have our midterm exam in Civil Law Review on Sunday. Good luck to all of us! 

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