Monday, December 30, 2013

Say goodbye

My aunt, cousins, and niece left this morning for America. We all had a good time here. It's back to winter for them and back to no baby for us.

I am starting a time log and to do list in my Moleskine journal in my iPad. I will keep track of time in 15 minute increments so it's easier for me. I hope to build my foundation habits so I have better health and do well in life. I will start with something that I can do for a month then aim for something a little bit better on the next month.

1. Sleep from midnight to 7 am.
2. Eat breakfast, lunch, and dinner.
3. Walk to school and back home.

1. Write my to do list in the morning.
2. Track time in 15 minute increments.
2. Dispose receipts and needless paper.

1. Read provisions and digest cases for class.
2. Read provisions and reviewers for bar.
3. Write supervised legal research.

1. Write in my blog.
2. Draw Quest.
3. Sketch pad.

1. Greet people on their birthdays.
2. Greet people when I meet them.
3. In silence, ask people about their life.

1. Read the gospel from my email.
2. Say prayer of Jabez in the morning.
3. Pray and bless people at night.

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