Saturday, December 28, 2013

Eat load

I always seem to have cell phone problems during the holiday season. I will let the messages do the talking.


Hi! I receive a text from 2363 when I have load and it consumes my load. I loaded 100 on December 23 and 50 on December 26 and my load was gone. I texted STOP and DELETE to 2363 but it won't stop


Dear Valued Subscriber,

Thank you for raising your concern. We apologize for the inconvenience this may have caused you.

For us to better assist you with your concern, kindly provide us the following:
• Your 11-digit mobile number
• Reloading channel used for Php 100 and Php 50 (AutoloadMax, Share-A-Load, Call Card)
• Total deducted amount

We will immediately attend to your concern upon receipt of the above-mentioned information.

If still receiving offers and unnecessary messages coming from 4 digit Value Added Services access number, just reply it with CHECK to know the active subscription/s to that particular access number. Replying CHECK is free of charge.

Or unsubscribe your account by following the STOP, CANCEL, OFF, REMOVE, QUIT or UNSUBSCRIBE procedure on the lower part of every VAS (Value Added Services) messages that you will receive. Balance threshold is Php 2.50 to push unsubscription.

We hope to receive your response soon.


Hi! I'm XXXXX. My number is XXXXX. The loading channel is AutoloadMax. The total deducted amount was Php 145 to Php 150.

I already called the Globe hotline (7301000) and raised this concern. Globe will investigate this matter for five working days.

I also replied with CHECK to 2363. But their reply is: "You do not have any active subscriptions in 2363." So I can't unsubscribe from 2363 because apparently I am not subscribed to it.

I don't have any load balance right now so I can't use the push unsubscription. If I get load, it might be automatically deducted so I am not getting load for now. I also don't know of any subscriptions that I might have.

The reference ID for this Globe transaction is XXXXX. If you could help us in speeding up the investigation, that would be great! Thank you!


Dear Valued Subscriber,

Good day!

Thank you for raising your concern. As checked, the reference ID: XXXXX was made dated 12/27/2013 11:00:28 AM. Please monitor feedback after 5 days. This is the standard monitoring time for the case.

Thank you very much for your understanding as we work on this matter.

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