Saturday, December 07, 2013


Today I recited in intellectual property law, but I will still recite next week to resolve two seemiglt contradictory provisions in the Intellectual Property Code. We also had criminal law review, but no one was called there.

Tonight I went to the surprise birthday party of my cousin. Happy birthday! The last time I saw her was in November last year. Now I just met her boyfriend of one year and his family. I also met her cousins from her mother's side. Happy weekend!

I just discovered the Draw Quest app. It's very simple and fun to do. They give you an idea or a quest of what to draw. Then you can draw whatever you want using a brush, a marker, or a pencil. You can erase or undo previous strokes. After you're finished, you can just post it. If people like your work, they can give you a star. I own the copyright here because copyright vests upon creation.

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