Saturday, November 23, 2013

Stay alive

Today I watched the Hunger Games. It is so amazing. I like all the action scenes. I even jumped in my seat when I saw the poison, the baboons, and the lightning. I highly recommend it. The ending has a cliffhanger because this is just the second book. I hope to watch the succeeding movies next year and the year after next.

In other news, we finally met our professor for intellectual property law. She lectured that we have intellectual property law for the common good and there is conflict mainly because of access and control of intellectual property. She gave us an assignment for next week.

For criminal law review, our professor just lectured to us and narrated the cases without notes. He really remembers the facts and the rulings. He even told us about jueteng and criticized some of the decisions.

Then I went home and saw that we have new furniture. It is nice to be home.

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