Sunday, October 27, 2013

Dream well

I dreamed that I was in school. Then I picked up the final exam from a former dean, our professor in international law. I got the instructions around 11 am and the test was due at 3 pm. The last thing I remembered was writing the exam in the library past 2 pm. Whew! Thank goodness I already passed public intrernational law.

In other news, I passed all my subjects for the first semester. My grades even exceeded my expectations. I was just hoping for grades of 3.0 or passing in all my classes. But I got 2.75 in negotiable instruments and agency and partnership. Both subjects were taught by bar topnotcher professors so they were both strict. I got 2.0 in public officers and election law and 1.75 in labor law review and remedial law review.

Today is the last day of the bar exams. I was not at UST, but I prayed for all our bar examinees. We hope we will have a successful bar exam when our time comes. Thank you, Lord!

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